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Natasha Adlem

Bison Fire Protection Inc.

Todd Agnew

Fronter Refrigeration & Mechanical Services

Alex Akman

Shindico Realty Inc.

Heather Allan

Mikkelsen Coward & Co.

Dennis Antosh

Workers Compensation Board

Jeff Arnel

Advance Services Group

Jennifer Ashley

Hopewell Real Estate Services

Gail Auriti

Harvard Property Management

Robert Bachart

Winnipeg Airports Authority

Graham Bialek

Primaris Management Inc.

Wayne Bollman

Lakeview Realty of Canada

Linda Buchanan

Green for Life Environmental

Steve Bulejsza

PCL Construction Canada Inc.

Steve Cara

ABCO Supply & Service

Carey Chartier

Capital Property Management

Carey Chartier

Capital Property Management

Ramona Coey

Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba

James Cook

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

Tood Coulter

Public Health Agency of Canada

Neil Crump

GDI Services (Canada) LP

Gerard D'Souza

Urban Jungle Manitoba Inc.

Maria Da Ponte

Globe Property Management

Kim Dandewich

FirstOnSite Restoration

Tabitha Dean

Shelter Canadian Properties

Jamie Denis

Denko Mechanical Ltd.

Justin Desautels

The Forks North Portage Partnership Corp.

Mike Dodds

Denver Property Restoration Services Inc.

Melissa Dorota

CBCRA / Recycle Everywhere

Adam Douglas

Lowe Mechanical Services Ltd.

Scott Dunsire

Bison Janitorial Services

James Fast

BGE Service & Supply Ltd.

Patrick Finley

Colin's Mechanical Service Ltd.

Eric Flaten

Western Marble & Tile

Denis Fleury

Environmental Space Planning

Colleen Gardiner

MJ Lighting & Electrical

Quaid Gardiner

MJ Lighting & Electrical

Joanne Gesell

QuadReal Property Group

Karl Gislason

204 Property Restoration Services Ltd.

Chris Gladstone

Alpine Building Maintenance

Michael Grimes

Grimes Hominuk Builders Inc.

Dan Guillou

Innovative Building Systems

Holly Handford

Number TEN Architectural

Robin Hardman

Stevenson Management Services

Gerry Harms

Winnipeg Building & Decorating

Peter Havens

Cadillac Fairview Corporation

Lynn Hawkeye

Audis Propert Management

Rick Hebert

Canad Inns Corporation

Seth Henoch

BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc

John Hes

Robertson Electric Wholesale

Jaret Hiebert

Graham Construction & Engineering Ltd.

Eric Hoffman

Triovest Realty Advisors Inc.

Phillip Hornby

Anthony Allan Office Furnishings