Prospective Students: FAQs



Q: Who is BOMI Canada?

A: A leader in commercial property education for more than 35 years, BOMI Canada has earned the reputation as a trusted property and facility management educational resource for top corporations, government agencies, and property management firms. A BOMI designation can help you to effectively manage the many forces that are re-shaping your profession and job, so that you can be even more effective, productive, and valuable to your company. Visit the BOMI Canada website for more information.

Q: What are the key advantages of obtaining a certificate?

A: If you would like to gain knowledge and recognition or establish a foundation for a future designation program, the certificate program is right for you. Ideal for students who are new to the commercial real estate industry or are upgrading their skills, the certificate programs provide credit for academic accomplishments and are a good way to begin your journey toward a professional designation. Refer to the Certificate Programs section of this website for program details.

Q: What are the key advantages of obtaining a designation?

A: The designation programs are recognized as a mark of distinction and excellence throughout the industry. The programs add marketable value and prestige to your resume. Professional designations will help contribute to both personal and professional development, as it increases your skills and broadens your knowledge. Enjoy a rewarding career and receive a competitive job salary with the professional designation(s) behind your name. Refer to the Designation Programs section of this website for program details.

Q: Can I transfer earned credits between programs?

A: Yes, students can transfer earned credits between certificate and designation programs. Course transfers also apply between designation programs, and many students pursue dual designations. Click here to view how your credits (and your fees) are transferable between the educational programs.

Q: What are the course delivery options?

A: You can choose to learn in a classroom setting, or study in the convenience of your home or office through the self-study program. Check out the options to find the best course delivery method that is most convenient for you and your learning style.

Q: How long does it take to complete a certificate and/or a designation program?

A: Students can complete their certificate program in one year based on completing one course per quarter for a total of three courses and a designation program in two years based on completing one course per quarter for a total of eight courses. However, there is no time limit in which students are required to complete their certificate or designation. Read about the Certificate and Designation programs and determine which program is best for your career path.

Q: How much are the courses?

A: Please contact BOMA Manitoba for price and schedule on accelerated classroom courses. For self-study courses, click here to view the course fee schedule.

Q: Which course should a student take first?

A: There is no set order in which to take the courses. We suggest that you first determine which certificate and/or designation program fits your professional needs and goals, and choose a course that complements your immediate responsibilities. View the list of required courses for the Certificate and Designation programs.

Q: Is there an experience requirement for the certificate programs?

A: No, students do not need to meet an experience requirement to obtain a professional certificate.

Q: Is there an experience requirement for the designation programs?

A: Candidates are required to demonstrate three years of verifiable work experience to earn the Real Property Administrator (RPA®) and Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) designations.

Click here to learn more about the RPA® Experience Requirement.

Click here to learn more about the SMA® Experience Requirement.

Q: How do I register for courses?

A: Course registrations are to be completed online. Please complete the electronic Enrollment and Registration Form to begin your educational path.



Still have questions? Call BOMI Canada at 1-888-821-9319 or access the website BOMI Canada