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The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement is an integral part of the designation granting process. Participation in the CPD program is an obligation that is accepted by each graduate upon earning their designation. It ensures that our graduates are among the best-educated professionals in the industry.

The CPD program requires graduates to acquire 18 points of continuing education credit every three years in order to maintain their designation’s active status. The three-year renewal period begins on the date that graduates attain their first BOMI designation. Graduates who hold more than one BOMI designation are only required to earn 18 CPD points every three years. There are a variety of ways to earn CPD points.

Credit may be earned in the following five general categories to fulfill the CPD requirement:

Options CPD Points Awarded
Continuing Education for Licensure One (1) CPD point for each classroom hour of continuing education credit.
Education Credit One (1) CPD point for each classroom hour.
Professional Accomplishments Earn CPD points for each article/presentation hour/hour of instruction lecture/research or writing hour. Six (6)  CPD points for participating as an active team member when submitting for a BOMA BESt, TOBY, or other accepted Awards program.
Board/Committee Memberships Six (6) CPD points for each year served in each organization.
Association Memberships Two (2) CPD points for each year of membership in each organization (industry association related to commercial property).

CPD Program Fees

To register you can pay annually or for the three year cycle.

Options Price
Annually $70 + taxes
Three years $210 + taxes

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