Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between BOMI and BOMA?

A: The two organizations are separate and independent of one another. BOMI is an educational institute that provides training for property and facility managers. BOMA is a non-profit association of property owners and managers. BOMA Locals can host BOMI courses as they deliver our courses in a classroom setting as a member benefit. However, the RPA or FMA courses that they run are actually BOMI courses.

Q: What is the difference between the RPA and the FMA designation?

A: The distinction between the two programs is that the RPA is designed for those who manage properties for others/investors. For example; third party property managers would work towards their RPA. The FMA is designed for those who manage a property for their own use. For example; an individual who works for an organization that owns its own building would work towards an FMA designation.

Q: How much time will I need to spend on the course?

A: Students tell us that it takes about a week per chapter, to work through the material.

Q: Do the courses need to be taken in order?

A: No, there is no order for the courses. However, if you select courses that are applicable to a certificate you can receive a certificate while you work towards the designation. You should also consider taking courses where you have some experience in and strengths. This will allow you to get comfortable with the course format and exam style with content that you are strong in, rather than take a course with material that is new to you.

Q: Which course should I take first?

A: There is no correct answer as you can take any one in any order. However, we recommend that you start with a course that you have the most experience in as your first course. If you have a background in budgeting and accounting, start with one of the finance courses. If your background is in operations, start with one of the design courses. You may want to save the Fundamentals course until the end, as this course covers a bit of every course and you will find it easier once you have taken all of the other courses.

Q: Do I pay for all the courses at once?

A: No, you pay for one course at a time. Once you register for a course you have 6 months in which to write the exam. The only other fee that can be paid upfront with your first course is the enrolment fee for a designation or certificate. Once you pay the designation/certificate enrolment fee, there are no additional enrolment fees required when you register for future courses.

Q: What is included in the course registration fees?

A: You will receive your course material as well as six months of eligibility in which to write your exam. You have one opportunity to write the exam within this time period. If you fail the exam or are unable to write the exam, for whatever reason, you will be required to pay an Exam Administration fee to be able to re-write/ write the exam after your eligibility period expires.

Q: Where and when should I write my exams?

A: Exams are written at an authorized testing facility. BOMI has contracted with Pearson Vue to administer the exams in Canada. Once you register for a course, BOMI will send you an email outlining how you schedule an appointment to take your exam. Once you receive the email, Pearson Vue will have you confirmed in their system and you will be able to schedule a date to write the exam.

Q: What is the Continuing Professional Development Program?

A: The CPD program requires that RPA®, FMA®, and SMA® graduates earn 18 points of continuing education credit every three years in order to maintain their designation’s active status. The three-year renewal period begins on the date that graduates attain their first BOMI International designation. Graduates who hold more than one BOMI International designation are only required to earn 18 CPD points every three years. During each cycle, graduates will complete a verification form and submit it once they have all of their necessary CPD points.

Still have more questions? Visit the BOMA Canada website for more FAQ answers!

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