February BYP

Date: Tuesday, February 6th

Time: 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.

Location: The Metropolitan Entertainment Centre, 281 Donald Street.

Topic: Presence: The “You” Who Enters the Room

Have you ever met someone new and been drawn in immediately? Have you ever worked with a manager or colleague and immediately felt at ease and comfortable? Have you met someone and been immediately put off by them? What is that something’ they have? PRESENCE.

Engaging with people, making a “good” impression and being known in a positive way in your industry is more than exchanging a business card.

Your presence starts before you enter the room. Once in the room, your presence comes through all aspects of how you engage, or do not engage with those around you.

Learn value tips (for the introvert and extrovert, the shy and the outgoing) that can elevate your Presence, give you confidence and help you feel more comfortable in any setting.

Christine Paquette, President and Owner of Bridge Dynamics, will demonstrate and engage you in experiences to easily and quickly learn how to combine your behaviour, attitude and appearance in a way that will leave a positive and lasting impression.

RSVP via email to lise@bomamanitoba.ca