BOMA Building Measurement Standards

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) has become the de-facto standard for the measurement of commercial spaces of any type (office, retail, industrial, mixed use).

There are many factors which have to be taken into consideration when deciding lease boundary lines, as well as common areas must be distinguished between “Floor Common” or “Building Common”. With the new 2010 Standards, this is complicated further with areas to define such as Building Service areas, Building Amenity areas, Floor Service areas, Floor Amenity areas, and in some cases Base Building Circulation areas.

The current BOMA Standards always represents a major change from previous versions, and may result in the ability to capture areas previously not considered as part of Rentable space 

Learn about BOMA’s 2010 Building Measurement Standards and discover how the BOMA Standards can help property owners and managers maximize their space.